Sirenz by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman
Released: June 8, 2011
ISBN13: 9780738723198

4/5 Stars 

Goodreads Synopsis:

 Sirenz is such a refreshing and light book to read, but most of all, it's just so much FUN. I'd been eyeing it for so long before I finally got my hands on a copy (which I won from Katharine at The Lady Critic; and best of all it's SIGNED, which is perfect because I LOVED it so much), but a small part of me was worried that it wouldn't live up to my expectations.

I love reading retellings of myths and fairytales just about more than reading any other kinds of books; they've always been some of my favourites. And if there's a Greek myth inspired  YA book out there, well then I just have to read it. Greek mythology is a passion of mine, and something that I've studied academically a bit as well. So I'm fairly familiar with it, although I'm not someone who's particularly picky about details as long as the right themes and feeling come across.

And Sirenz lives up to that. If you've ever seen a really great production of a Shakesperean comedy, you'll understand why I think Sirenz is such a wonderful mythical inspired book. A GOOD Shakesperean comedy won't come across as stuffy and formal, even with difficult old English language, but instead it will immerse you in the story and the words will come alive for you with a proper understanding of the ambience Shakespeare wanted to convey. Similarily, Bennardo and Zaman successfully capture the humour and wit which is often a vital part of Greek stories as well. The divine tricks and plots aren't left out either, and make for one interesting time for Shar and Meg.

Speaking of Shar and Meg, I was so pleased to see that the two POVs in this story sounded different, and they accurately came across as two different people. I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of Meg (I kind of thought she was a bit of a jerk with the whole Jeremy thing), I adored Shar! She continually surprised me in the book, and ended up being more complex when I feared she'd end up being nothing more than a flat stereotype. I want to be BFFs for her and fight over shoes with her. And get into trouble with her in a deal with Hades. But I did appreciate that there wasn't any inane, angsty teen drama over typical YA book things (i.e. boys). However, there was plenty of petty inter-god drama. I liked that, that's always fun.
Sirenz is a fun book, and it's light and humourous. I'm not going to pretend that it's something it's not, which is a deep, heartwrenching story that'll change your world and blow your mind. It isn't. But it's a perfect book to read inbetween those kinds of books, because of how refreshing and just plain FUN it is. That isn't to say that it doesn't have it's touching moments either; Sirenz has a lot to say about friendships and loyalty, and I was so pleased how that played out in the book. Plus, I heard that Shar and Meg are bound to get in even more trouble with some upcoming sequels.... SQUEEE! I cannot WAIT for those! And I sincerely hope they contain even more hot guys (gods or mortals).


Melliane said...

ooh it sounds so great ! You make me want to read it now ! I love books about myths and fairytales so this one seems for me too ! Thanks for the review

Lenasledgeblog.com said...

Sounds delightful. I love Greek Mythology too. I just purchased a few books on myths and folklore a few days ago. Dontcha just hate it when one of the characters is a jerk and you don't like them? But it sounds like you enjoyed it nonetheless.

anaavu said...

What an awesome review! I love Greek Mythology! :)

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