I (yet again) profess my love for all that is Lauren Oliver

In case you missed my previous post all about Delirium (not exactly a review, but more of a marriage proposal. To the book, not Lauren. She's already taken), you may not realize just how much I adore her books (err.. I suppose that's book since I've only read Delirium all the way through. But I've read snippets of Before I Fall and am just starting Liesl & Po right now, quite literally now, and I'm convinced I'll always love her brilliant, breathtaking writing. But I digress...).

This is just more proof of that.

Liesl & Po is Lauren Oliver's first Middle Grade book - which is fabulous, because now even MORE readers can be introduced to her writing, and at a younger age! It's set to be released on October 4, 2011 (which is SO SOON, GUYS!) and here's what's really exciting: the website for Liesl and Po was just launched yesterday! And it is so, so cool. The design and graphics of it fit right along with the look of the book, and it all just meshes together into something really, really awesome. She's been giving away pretty ARCs of Liesl & Po on her blog for a few months now, and the packaging is so neat! Love it! But now, here's another way to experience the book before it comes out, just in time to get you excited for its release!

It includes some info on the characters and author, as well as some special features like the book trailer, an interview with Lauren, graphics to share, and the official Liesl & Po song with lyrics. I'm a firm believer that every book should have its own song, by the way. Anyway, there's a discussion guide and excerpt for those of you who are interested in getting to know more about the book itself. :)

So please, go check it out and definitely consider picking up Liesl & Po- and if you don't take my word for it, just go read all those advance reviews that praise it.

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anaavu said...

Oh my gosh love the cover! So oldie

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