Kindred Reads {4}

Kindred Reads is my weekly feature where I recommend similar books. There's a mix of popular books, and fairly unknown authors and indie books as well. This is something that I personally wish I saw more of; after reading a book I enjoy, I often want to read similar books but they can be hard to discover!

These books contain similar elements, whether it's content, writing style, or other themes found in the stories. They are always books which I have read, and I will link to their review if I've reviewed them.

If you like...
Across the Universe by Beth Revis

You might want to read...

Under the Stars by Rebecca A. Rogers

Way back in July, I won a signed advanced copy of Under the Stars by Rebecca A. Rogers who is a self-pubbed indie author. I was thrilled to have won it (because the description sounded great), and I loved reading it even more!

Similar to Across the Universe, Under the Stars is a YA sci fi novel, but doesn't read like a total sci fi with confusing slang and books filled with man-eating aliens (not that all sci fi is bad, as I enjoy it). But Under the Stars is more like a book in a sci fi setting. And it's also filled with political intrigue, and a heroine thrown into a terrible situation.

You can read my five star review here.

A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan

A Long, Long Sleep is one of those books that tends to fly under the radar... and I have no clue why. This is a phenomenal book, also featuring a heroine who's been in a stasis sleep for... well, a long time. It has roots in the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, but that's about it. The problem for Rose is that she's accidently been in a state of stasis for 50 years. And the world as she knows it is gone, and she's alone. Similar enough to Amy's situation in AtU, but they remain very different stories. The awesome thing about all three of these books is that they feature incredibly strong heroines, who are rather unexpected given the circumstances.

I HIGHLY recommend this to YA readers: and you can also read my five star review of it here, if you would like to know more.

Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Any others you can think of that you'd add to this list? Are there any other books you'd like me to feature in my "If you like..." post one day?


Book Crook Liza said...

I'm adding both of these to my wishlist! :] I loved Across the Universe! I love when you do these posts! :)

Gaby G said...

I really like this feature. Thanks for the recommendations!

Unknown said...

Oh! I love this feature. Does Under the Stars have any romance in it? You peaked my interest Lol.

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