Cosmetics Stash: MAC's A Novel Romance

A little while ago I heard about the new fall collection from MAC called A Novel Romance. I'm a bit of a makeup junkie, although I've never actually tried anything from MAC! (Shocking, I know.)

I was thoroughly amused by the historical romance novel promotional advertisements to the collection and picked up a small variety of products to try out. I mean, as a book lover how could I resist?

I have big brown eyes and I love to opt for purple eye shadows when I can, so the Passionate Quest quad was a must for me!

The white-looking shade is actually a very pale pink and the darkest shade is a deep purple.  
I've been experimenting with lip colour for a little while now, and I was immediately drawn to the new Good Kisser shade, which is a stunning hot pink. It took guts to go through with this purchase, believe me, because I was worried it would be way too bright for me but I have no regrets.

More importantly, how does all of this actually look when I wear it? Spoiler: I'm a little bit in love with this Novel Romance (see what I did there? I hope you like cheesy jokes!)

Why, yes, I am in fact wearing purple eyeshadow with pink lipstick! 
Remember that I'm new to MAC so I've only now discovered how incredibly these products are - the pigmentation is excellent (so much colour)! They really pop and look lovely with these shadows.

The Good Kisser lipstick has become one of my go-to shades, believe it or not. One swipe, and I'm good! I like to throw it on when I'm in a rush and want something quick to pull my look together. The matte pink is nice because it's fun and less dramatic than a red lip. The matte formula isn't drying, but it leaves a slight stain behind on my lips.

Lastly I picked up the nail lacquer in Midnight Storm, since I was trying to give up my nail-biting habit and I wanted to use a pretty nail colour as motivation. It worked. Guess who is working on gorgeous long nails now?! Bonus: Midnight Storm is perfect for fall because it's this rich, deep burgundy purple. It's thick with a nice consistency so one coat is all I really need, although I use two to get darker look. Without a topcoat, I can only wear it for about two days before it starts to chip.

The one thing I would have liked to have seen with this collection is some sort of packaging to tie into the Novel Romance theme. Since that was the motivating reason to buy some of the products for me, that would have been a fun reminder.

You can find this collection online and in MAC stores. A few of the more popular products are now out of stock online, so you'd have to try and find them in store (that's where I picked up my Good Kisser lipstick).

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