Announcement: Let's chat

Hello, friends!

I'd really like to have a little chat, and get something off my chest.

This past July marked my third anniversary on this little blog.


I remember when I started blogging and I dreamed of how amazing it would be to continue blogging for years. This blog started at the perfect time in my life.

But somewhere along the line, I lost some of the fun book blogging originally had for me. Like many others have found before me, it became a chore. It's really hard to blog when you lose that spark, that something special that made me love it and want to share it with others all the time. I was fixated on statistics and numbers and the idea of a brand.

I love books. I always have. I still read a lot of YA. But I've changed a bit, and I think it's about time that my blog reflects some of those changes. 

The reality is that I set myself strict rules and expectations about what belongs on this blog. Young adult books. Maybe some middle grade. Then I realized I was missing out on some very cool adult books, so once in a while I'd sneak in an adult review. I thought I had to keep my focus narrow to keep people (and myself interested). It didn't work.

To be honest, I love a lot of other things besides books. I like to watch good TV shows, and I've always been a movie fan! I also have so much fun playing around with makeup and other beauty items. I'm also pretty attached to my Xbox One. You name it! And most of the time, I like working out, too.

There's been a lot more I'd like to blog about, but I haven't let myself because I didn't think it fit. And the worst part is that this is my blog! How often do we tell new bloggers to talk about what they want and not worry about doing things the "right" way (whatever that means)?

I have some really neat posts coming up that I can't wait to share with you. I'm not going to shift away from books completely, because books are my first true love. So my reviews aren't going to change, but you can expect more. I want to have fun with my blog, too!


Amber Elise said...

Congrats on your three year!

And it's your blog, do whatever makes you happy!!

Amber Elise @ Du Livre

Dani @ Refracted Light said...

Yay for changing it up, having fun, and thinking outside the box (or books... har har)! It's been just over three years for me too, and I understand how this thing you were once so passionate about becoming drudgery. I hope this expansion on your content matter helps you become excited about blogging again! :) Excited to see what comes!

miki said...

do what please you dear^^ this is your blog you just share it with us so it must please you and make you happy

Cecelia said...

You do you, hon. (for real, though, this is why i occasionally post recipes and random life stuff. because it's my life, my blog. and i bet we'll all enjoy getting a little window into your other interests!)

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