Review: A Mutiny in Time

A Mutiny in Time (Infinity Ring #1) by James Dashner
Release Date ~ August 28, 2012
ISBN13: 9780545386968
ARC received from Scholastic Canada for review

Goodreads Synopsis:
Scholastic's next multi-platform mega-event begins here! History is broken, and three kids must travel back in time to set it right!

When best friends Dak Smyth and Sera Froste stumble upon the secret of time travel -- a hand-held device known as the Infinity Ring -- they're swept up in a centuries-long secret war for the fate of mankind. Recruited by the Hystorians, a secret society that dates back to Aristotle, the kids learn that history has gone disastrously off course.Now it's up to Dak, Sera, and teenage Hystorian-in-training Riq to travel back in time to fix the Great Breaks . . . and to save Dak's missing parents while they're at it. First stop: Spain, 1492, where a sailor named Christopher Columbus is about to be thrown overboard in a deadly mutiny!

The Infinity Ring series from Scholastic is one of the biggest new ventures unfolding for Middle Grade books. With such a fantastic line up of authors behind these books, I was instantly curious to see how this series would turn out.

I'm a bit of a sucker for exciting, epic adventures as part of the Middle Grade genre, and I quickly devoured A Mutiny in Time one morning. It's a great start to a new series, with an exciting pace held throughout the book, likeable characters and a world in danger to set the stakes high.

  1. Action-packed from start to finish:

    I love a good book that can immediately draw me in, and I was amazed at how quickly I was sucked into the story in A Mutiny in Time. It ended up being a VERY fast read, particularly because of just how much action was going on and all the different events taking place. And I definitely have the feeling that this is something that will continue in the upcoming books in the series, as well.
  2. A "save the world" premise:

    I have no idea why, but there's something that really appeals to me about having kids and/or teens on a mission to save the world. I'm well aware of how implausible it is, but I just love it - maybe it's the underdog factor, or the idea that amazing things can come from some of the most surprising and unexpected people. I found the world created in this book fascinating because of how familiar it was in most ways, and yet different as it takes place in (what seems to be) the future with some very different past events.
  3. Time ninjas?:

    Admittedly, that sounds crazy - but it works REALLY well and that's basically what we see a lot of. Secret organizations fighting against each other THROUGHOUT TIME on missions to try and prevent the other side from suceeding and altering the present/future. And time travel just always seems to add an extra mysterious, exciting element to a story. And I LOVED the adventures through history, because I'm kind of a history geek myself.
A mutiny in Time reminded me of most other Middle Grade books I've read, as they often feature a number of similar elements including anything from globetrotting to childhoodwho parter up, misfit geniuses, missing parents, and a serious underestimation of the damage kids can do. So while this book didn't stand out as much as I had HOPED it would, I am definitely interested in seeing how the books progress especially given that each book features a different prominent author.

On top of that, there are definitely some plot holes that I definitely felt could have been dealt with instead of being glossed over. Middle Grade shouldn't mean there's a lazy plot; if your characters are geniuses, keep in mind that your readers are intelligent too even if they are younger readers. It's okay to have slightly more complex storylines. However, it is possible that some of my problems will be addressed in later books.

Visit the series website here, as the Infinity Ring series is being marketed as a multiplatform adventure and you can get more information on the books in the series, as well as other special info and games.

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Never heard of this but time ninjas? Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! =D

Booworm105 @ Whisper of Reads.

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This sounds like a lot of fun!! I like that this is marketed as a multi-platform adventure :)

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