Guest Post: Book Characters during the Holidays

Guest Post by Zahida from Musings of a YA Reader

Considering the year is soon going to end (which means it’s time to start making lists about your favourites of 2011) and with Christmas coming up, I thought I’d help Brenna celebrate with a guest post asking some characters from books I’ve read and enjoyed this year a little about their holiday experience. Here today are Carmen from Jessica Martinez’s Virtuosity [my review], Gabi from Lisa T. Bergren’s River of Time series [my review] and Jordan from Miranda Kenneally’s Catching Jordan [my review].

Zahida: Hi, guys! Thanks so much for taking some time off to drop by and answer some questions for me. Let’s get started! Gabi, what’s Christmas like in medieval Italy?

Gabi: This will be our first Christmas in medieval Italy, so I'm about to find out. Marcello tells me there is much feasting, but primarily after Christmas Day, celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, or Christmastide, as they call it. The biggie will be Twelfth Night, I hear. We starve all day (fasting is a religious thing), and then at 12:01, it's party-time, baby. Marcello wants it to be the biggest feast the castello has ever had, so we're busy planning.

Zahida: Oh, that sounds interesting. I wish I could come see it! Okay, the next question is for you, Jordan. What kind of Christmas or holiday traditions does the Woods family engage in?

Jordan: My dad is usually playing football or watching football on Christmas day, but if he doesn't have a game, Mom makes a turkey and we gorge ourselves on mashed potatoes and pie and mulled cider. Then our church usually does a dinner for the underprivileged and my family will go help serve food.

Zahida: That seems like a really comfortable way to spend Christmas Day. Speaking of relaxing; Carmen, I know how busy your life is so I wondered whether you get a chance to chill over the holidays as well. What do you do during Christmas?

Carmen: On Christmas Eve we go to midnight Mass just so that when we call my grandmother in Italy the next morning we can say we went. Then on Christmas Day we open gifts, and listen to music, and at some point during the day Diana and I end up performing our favorite parts of the Messiah for Clark. I’m not sure whether he actually listens, but he does make us the most amazing Christmas dinner, which is good enough.

Zahida: Fun, and you and Diana get to spend some time with Clark. Alright, the next few questions are for everybody so we’ll start with Jordan, move onto Gabi and finish off with Carmen. What is your favourite thing about Christmas or the holidays in general?

Jordan: I love the smells of apple cider and pine trees, and gaudy ornaments.

Gabi: I'm actually into quiet things – time with my family, good food, games – just us. And candles – I love lots of candles. It's so magical! It'll be hard to be without a tree this year. They don't celebrate that tradition, and Dad is paranoid about introducing anything that isn't historically accurate. We've already messed with the time-space continuum enough, he says. I might have to go for a walk in the woods and cut a branch of pine, just to smell that amazing smell again, you know?

Carmen: Having the day off from practicing!

Zahida: Getting a chance to relax is my favourite part of the holidays too, Carmen. Okay, let’s begin this next question with you. What was the best Christmas present you ever received?

Carmen: One year Clark gave me tickets to a comedy club – totally un-music-related and I loved it.

Jordan: When I was 12, my family gave me a football autographed by Joe Montana.

Gabi: My gramma's locket, with a picture of her grandparents inside. I'm still sad I don't have it here with me. Mom says I just have to remember them in my mind, but it's not the same thing as having something tangible, you know? I used to wear it every day. But I was running late, getting out the door to the airport when we came to Italy the last time, and forgot to put it on. It's still sitting on top of my dresser. Can someone grab it and post it to medieval Toscana, please?

Zahida: Gabi, I’d totally mail you your locket if I lived in Colorado. Since I can’t, tell me what you’re hoping to find under your Christmas tree this year. We’ll start with you, Gabi.

Gabi: I already have it. My family, here with me. And now Marcello...Something I thought it was impossible, improbable ... I get to have everyone I love best, with me every day. I still haven't gotten over the gift of that. Buon natale!

Jordan: Keys to a Harley – I've always wanted a motorcycle but my parents always say no way.

Carmen: New running shoes and an iTunes gift card.

Zahida: Well, there you have it! Now that you know a little more about how some characters spend their holidays, how do you celebrate yours?

A big thanks to Lisa, Jessica and Miranda for participating, and to Brenna for letting me guest post.

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A Canadian Girl said...

Thanks for having me, Brenna :)

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Awesome, what a fun character interview. And I've read and loved each of these books, which makes it even better! =)

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