#TeamJuliette Buttons!

So tonight, I was pleasantly surprised by someone who had made a bunch of #TeamJuliette buttons for the YA Heroine Tournament!

And this was right after I emailed someone begging for some haha. So now we have TONS of buttons, all of which are super cute, awesome buttons for you to pick up!

DON'T FORGET: our first match is on December 1st - this THURSDAY against Cammie from The Gallagher Girls books.

Giselle from Book Nerd Canada made these:

Team Juliette

Team Juliette

Team Juliette

Team Juliette

And Avery from Avery's Book Nook made these:

YA Sisterhood

YA Sisterhood


Ashley Delgado said...

These are some pretty rocking buttons! :) I am totally on Team Juliette for this first match!

Giselle from BookNerd said...

Glad I could be of help! <3

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