Kindred Reads {10}

Kindred Reads is my weekly feature where I recommend similar books. These books contain similar elements, whether it's content, writing style, or other themes found in the novels. They are always books which I have read, and clicking on the title of the book will take you to my review of that book (if I have reviewed it) or the Goodreads page (for those not yet reviewed). They aren't always books that I've loved, but always include reasons why I'm recommending them for specific similarities.

This is something that I personally wish I saw more of; after reading a book I enjoy, I often want to read similar books but they can be hard to discover!

This week, I'm recommending books filled with magic in a Victorian setting - these are some of the best paranormal stories out there, just because it's such a fabulous setting! There's so much mystery and intrigue, and the men are always gentlemen... well, most of the time!

If you like...

Then you might want to read...

Darker Still (Magic Most Foul #1) by Leanna Renee Hieber

After first discovering Darker Still on Goodreads, I was SO excited by its cover and description! It just sounded wonderful, and while reading this novel I found myself completely enchanted by it! Nothing says dark magic like a young Victorian heroine getting into all sorts of mischief to save a dashing gentleman from some dastardly fate!

You can read my review here, if you want to hear more!

Dark Mirror (Dark Mirror #1) by M.J. Putney

Dark Mirror is somewhat special to me, because it was the book that kind of set my book blogging in motion... :)
This was the first book I ever won in a Goodreads giveaway- and one of the first I ever reviewed seriously. This is M.J.'s transition from adult romance to YA - and it's an impressive one as well. In a society where magic is highly frowned upon and outlawed, the world is just dark with hidden secrets and mysteries. Plus, it was rather unexpected as things turned out in a twist that I wasn't quite expecting.

You can read my review here - but remember, this was one of my FIRST reviews!

Let me know your thoughts - did I miss any other books? Have you read any of these, and did you enjoy them? Do you love these Victorian paranormals as much as I do? I'm really hoping for some more in the future!


ChristasBooks said...

Whooo Darker Still!
I have to admit I still haven't read any Libba Bray *hangs head in shame* but I did like Darker Still so I should check out A Great and Terrible Beauty.

Natalia Belikov said...

I have Dark Mirror but I havent read it yet... sigh. I havent read the Gemma Doyle trilogy...too many mixed reviews about it and people keeps complaininig about the ending T_T... Yet, Darker Still is a book Im dying to read and I regret not buying earlies cuz it was only 6$ in book depository. Now is more expensive. I need to read these books! sniff! Thanks for sharing! I love Victorian setting =) great post!

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