Announcement: Subscription Changes

Hello, friends!

As some of you are aware, big changes are coming into force in Canada with respect to e-mail subscriptions. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation is coming into force on July 1, 2014 (which is tomorrow).

There are a lot of questions floating around about exactly what this means for people, and my concern was of course coming from the perspective of a book blogger.

I'm not going to attempt to answer these questions nor am I making any recommendation or suggestion about what bloggers (or any others) should do in response to this law. Nothing here is legal advice.

This is important for me to clarify because I cannot give legal advice, and I don't want anyone to think for a second that that's what I'm doing here. I'm refraining from including any opinion or advice because I am not in a position to give any (as a law student, I cannot and even lawyers should only give legal advice to their clients).

With all of that being said, I am making a change here at Esther's Ever After. As of today (after this post has been published), if you are an email subscriber, I'm deleting your e-mail subscription. Subscriptions through feed readers aren't changing (yet). This is actually good timing because I'm going to have some other big changes made over the summer - including a move from Blogger to Wordpress! I'm considering this a bit of a fresh start.

Of course I don't want to lose any of you as readers! If you are still interested in staying in touch with Esther's Ever After, there are a few ways you can do so:

  • Follow me on Twitter! I like chatting about all kinds of topics, and all of my posts are shared on Twitter as well.
  • Like my Facebook page - this is pretty much just if you want to get updates when I make new posts.
  • Follow or add me on Goodreads. I don't share my posts on Goodreads, but you can still follow my reviews and other comments.
  • Follow via Networked Blogs to receive new posts.
In the future, there will be new ways to stay in touch but for now we're going to work with this!

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