Recap: Marissa Meyer's Cress Signing

Last night, I had the exciting opportunity to attend Marissa Meyer's book signing in Toronto to celebrate the release of Cress! :)

I was especially excited because I missed her signing last year after Scarlet came out, so I was thrilled to finally get to meet her and have a signed copy of Scarlet and Cress.

Marissa was absolutely enchanting! This was easily one of my favourite book signing events. She was lovely in person, and so incredibly friendly.

Marissa shared her road to publishing and a little bit of her background (her love of Sailor Moon, how she wrote 150,000 words during NaNoWriMo!) It was inspiring to hear how much work Marissa put into Cinder before it was published and how much the first draft changed from the final product...

I also loved hearing about how she has always loved fairy tales - and not just the Disney versions! A few of you may know that I chose my blog name (and design) for its fairy tale theme :) Growing up, I loved fairy tales as well (thanks, Disney!) but I also started reading some of the older versions before they were Disney-fied when I was younger, too. Marissa even told us the (gorier) version of Rapunzel (and summarized a few others)...

And she took a few questions from the audience for a Q&A session. The crowd was HUGE and the majority of attendees were standing during the event. We pretty much took over the whole teen section/Starbucks area of Indigo!

A little tidbit from the Q&A session as tweeted by Michele from Just a Lil' Lost... ;)

 It was a fantastic event overall! It was great to see so many readers and fans come out to support Marissa and have the chance to meet her. Indigo did a great job organizing the signing line as we were all given a number on a post-it note once we arrived so we didn't have to stand in line the whole time - they'd just call out our number and we knew it was our turn! And to give you an idea, I was #79 and I arrived an hour before the event started!

And you can check out my FIVE STAR review of Marissa's latest book in The Lunar Chronicles series, Cress, here!


Unknown said...

Last night was amazing! Giving people numbers was literally the best thing they could have done. Way more organized than last time! She was so sweet and welcoming :)

Kat C @ Books and Sensibility said...

This looks like such a fun night ! I just realized I had no idea what Marrisa looked like until now. Great pics !

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