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As part of the All's Fair in Vanities War tour, I have a guest post from author Elizabeth Marx going up today (and on the 17th, I'll be posting my review for the book as well). I will also be hosting a giveaway for two e-books of All's Fair in Vanities War starting on the 17th. So make sure you stop again for that!

But first, I want to remind all of you that there is a giveaway with a Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon gift card just by "liking" the affiliated Seer's Facebook page and posting your favourite line from All's Fair in Vanities War on the wall!

Today, Elizabeth is sharing with us a special introduction to her book which is perfect for those who may not be familiar with her book yet- enjoy!

Before the dawn of Celtic civilization the ShiningOnes walked the grassy hills of Ireland, shrouding it in magic as thick as the mist. These gods and goddesses fashioned humankind, but the inferiority of their design perplexed the gods, who thought to improve their creation by interbreeding.

The ShiningOnes took human mates to their sacred groves and bore a new race of ExtraOrdinary humans, humans who would live and die without immortality but were blessed with the godly traits of sacred divination, mystical healing, and great strength. In thanks, these ExtraOrdinary people became druids, vates, and bards who constructed standing circles designed with sacred geography to worship their creators.

As both Ordinary and ExtraOrdinary mankind became more industrious, the ShiningOnes watched as invaders breached the shores of the Emerald Island. The gods aided the inhabitants, but sometimes they aided the invading forces. The ShiningOnes meddled in human affairs, wreaking havoc on humankind as if they were but rooks and pawns. While people still worshiped the gods, the ShiningOnes fell out of favor with many, and the gods felt the lack of worship keenly and withdrew to loftier places.

Through the dim mists of these ancient times the ShiningOnes continued to take the best and brightest among humankind as if to remind them of their godly prowess, until man tired of the ShiningOnes interference and banded together to overthrow them. It took seven tribes of invaders to defeat the ShiningOnes but when humankind finally did, they banished all the gods to the OtherWorld to be worshiped from afar. Until such time as the ShiningOnes can accumulate all of man’s knowledge, they will remain sequestered there.

 You, my young friends, now hold most of man’s knowledge in the palm of your hand every time you send a text.
 And the ShiningOnes are coming for it!

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Thanks for stopping by with us today Elizabeth, and make sure that you all check out the rest of the stops on the tour for more chances to win!

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Rachel Rowlands said...

That sounds really interesting. I love anything god/goddess related. I'll have to add this to my "to-read" pile :)

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