Guest Post: Potentially Scary Movies based off Books

Wendy from A Cupcake and a Latte is here today for a special Halloween guest post! She's one of my favourite book bloggers, and I'm really excited that I get to share this wonderful post of hers with you today! Enjoy and leave her some comment love please :)

And thank you to Wendy for stopping by!

When Brenna from Ever After Esther approached me about writing what horror novels I'd love to see adapted into film, I couldn't resist including four of my absolute currently favorite spooky novels. So here it is..

My Top Four (Currently) Favorite Horror Novels I'd Love to See Adapted into Film:

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake:

This wonderful new 2011 summer release is, by far, one of my absolute favorite horror novels yet. Though not as gruesome as others out there, Anna Dressed in Blood was a thrilling tale about a Thunder bay Ghost. Anna Koslov, the horribly dubbed Anna Dressed in Blood, lives in a secluded home, tearing apart anyone who dares enter. This is where Cas comes in, a young supernatural hunter who kills anything paranormal and ghostly. This time he's got his eyes set on Anna who's been responsible for several teen murders.

The Wolving Time by Patrick Jennings:

Though the Wolving Time was a heavily religious novel, I couldn't help getting over the complex character that was Lazlo. The overall werewolf aspect in the novel was very strong and solid, and I couldn't help enjoying the constant battle between what is perceived as good and evil. Though not as strong in the gruesome, scare your pants off department, I find that The Wolving Time would make an excellent movie that would intrigue any scary movie lover.

The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine:

The Morganville Vampires happens to be one of my favorite long running vampire series to date. Though incredibly long, with a current total of 11 and another one coming out soon, I've quickly fallen in love with this in depth story. The Morganville vampires follows the story of Claire Danvers, a girl who moves to Morganville to go to college, though she quickly feels unwelcome by a group of girls who target her constantly. After a violent incident with the girls, Claire seeks refuge at Glass House, a home turned dorm owned by Michael Glass. What Claire doesn't know is that Morganville is run by vampires and that their power grows deeper then just the overwhelming threat to drain your blood.

Possess by Gretchen McNeil:

Possess is a brand new YA 2011 release about a girl named Bridget Liu, a 15 year old girl with an unspoken talent to hear the voices of demons. With her fantastic ability she can both communicate with them and banish them, proving to be a very useful trait to the local exorcists who handle demon possession. Though what Bridget doesn't expect to face is a haunting message from the other side, one addressed to her.

What are your top four picks?

Wendy (Mocha) from "A Cupcake and a Latte: YA Reads, Reviews & More!"


Kat C @ Books and Sensibility said...

What a great post. I scare easily, so I'm not sure I'd want to see any of these books as movies. Maybe I'll read Anna because it's not gruesome. I hate squicky grusomeness !

Felicia @ A Novel Paradise said...

I loved Anna Dressed In Blood to bits, but seeing it in film might be an entirely different experience! Still, I'd bear with the gore just because I like the story so much :)

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I think Morganville would make a great movie, or even a TV series since there are so many plotlines they could choose from. It would be interesting to see a series where the community (well, minus the university students) knows about the vampires.

Anna Dressed in Blood would make a great movie, but I don't know if I could watch it. Reading about the stuff was okay, but for some reason scary movies really freak me out. Something about the visual aspect of it makes a difference.

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