Incarnate Treasure Hunt Stop

Hey guys! Welcome to another stop on the INCARNATE Theater Treasure Hunt!

This week, 45 bloggers are celebrating the release of INCARNATE by Jodi Meadows by participating in a treasure hunt with clues, activities, and lots of prizes including signed books and handknit fingerless mitts. I'm one of the blogs with a CLUE, which means somewhere on this page is a clue to finding the hidden page and grand prize entry form on Jodi's website. Follow 26 clues to get there!

For more information on the INCARNATE Theater Treasure Hunt, check out Jodi's post which you can find here!

Jodi also made some really adorable knitted characters and took pictures to share them with you!

And as part of my post for this treasure hunt, I had the great opportunity to interview Megan Segrue (@megrue), a Marketing Coordinator at HarperCollins Children's Books! This was really cool for me, because Megan was able to give me (and you guys!) and inside look at some of the "behind the scenes" marketing and a little taste of what we can expect from Incarnate!

What involvement do you have specifically with the promotion and release of Incarnate?

I’m on the marketing team for Incarnate. About a year out from the book’s publication, we brainstorm the marketing plan for a title, which includes plans for galley distribution, advertising, online outreach, and more. We then continue to adapt and revise the marketing plan as time passes, and as more opportunities and new technology become available. My job is to make sure the great plans—a book trailer, consumer advertising, social media engagement and so on—are executed. I feel really lucky to be able to work on the gorgeous Incarnate! The projects I specifically worked on for Incarnate were writing copy and providing creative direction for the online advertising, developing a creative direction for and working with the producers of the book trailer, creating Incarnate-specific content for the Dark Days online promotion (check out Pitch Dark on Facebook to take the “Who were you in a past life?” quiz! Marketing plug!), and continuing to develop a strategy for Incarnate to be connected to real book clubs—stay tuned for more exciting stuff on that soon!

Since you're involved with promoting Incarnate, could you tell us what some of your favourite things are about this new book? Anything that makes it stand out from other YA books, for example?

I think what sets Incarnate apart from other YA books out right now is the totally unique premise and internal conflict that Ana experiences. The book’s unique approach to reincarnation allows Incarnate to ask big questions about life and death and love that still deeply resonate on an individual level with teens—and twenty- and thirty-somethings for that matter! And that jacket! Tell me the gorgeous colors of the jacket don’t make you want to pick up the book and ogle it. Go on, I dare you.

Thanks for taking the time to join us, Megan!

AND now for my clue! Third word: F.

And remember that there are NO spaces in this password! I have a link below to help you guys out with finding the rest :)

Now, make sure to stop at the rest of the blog posts so you can collect all the clues and find out what sorts of activities are going on for this treasure hunt! I'm including the links to three other clue blogs to help you along the way :)

Good luck!

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Wendy Ewurum said...

This looks like a very exciting promotion. I'd love to see what happens at the end. Later :)

Christina Kit. said...

Thanks for the interview! and the behind the scenes info

featherlyhearts- said...

I love those interviews! :)


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