Guest Post: The Holidays

Guest Post by Sheenah Freitas
The moment that the Christmas season starts is the moment when I start to panic. Not only do I have to worry about what to get someone for a Christmas present, but there’s a good chance I’m also going to have to worry about birthday presents. For some reason everyone in the family decided they wanted to be born in December, so the Christmas season doubles as the birthday season. Everything kicks off a few days before Christmas with my mom’s birthday and from there it’s a crazy two week long celebration that all ends on January 1.

With all the presents that get opened and all the food on top of birthday cake, it’s a wonder that anyone can get anything done. Somehow, though, as if by a miracle, we do. Hugs are being given to anyone that walks through the doorway, the house usually smells like fresh baked cookies, and the mantle is full of Christmas cards. By the time all the food is digested, the games have been played, and every last piece of discarded wrapping paper has been trashed, we’re ready to ring in the New Year.

By the time it’s New Year’s Day, most of the family can be found sleeping in until noon, not quite ready to greet the new year. After all, it’s the first day that we’re able to actually rest and not worry about so-and-so’s birthday tomorrow or whose house are we having our next family supper at and what’s the menu and what were we in charge of again? The first day is a cleansing one where no one really wants to do anything and we usually don’t if we can help it.
Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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