Vacation Reads!

In less than a week, I leave for Hawaii (!) and I've been putting together my packing list.

Which naturally includes a list of books that are must-reads while I'm away (what else are you supposed to do on an 11 hour flight?)

It's quite the collection. Thankfully, Kindle can carry most of them for me. There's a few I'm hoping will be delivered this week, and if they aren't delivered this week then they'll just have to wait for me until I get back! :) Rumors of God is one of them.

So hopefully when I return I'll have plenty of reviews to share.

Also, can you tell that I don't read "beach reads"? I have quite an eclectic collection, but that's what I love!


Miss Lauren said...

#1 Thank you for leaving the sweetest comment ever on my blog!! :)
#2 You are going to Hawaii? I am so flippin jealous! I want pictures!
#3 I am dying to read The Water Wars.
That is all.

Brenna said...

Aww, you're welcome! :)

And yes, I am! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. Nothing like sitting on the beach with some good books :)

As you'll read in my review (when I read it and post it) Water Wars was actually given to me by Sourcebooks! I'm pretty excited for it as well!

Janet said...

I don't know how long you'll be in Hawaii, but that's quite a collection of reading material. I always round out my vacation reading material by picking up a copy of the latest scandal magazine (National Enquirer, People, US Weekly, etc.). I enjoy perusing their silly stories about people who claim to have such a rough life (celebrities, people with oodles of money, etc.). ;-)

Brenna said...

Thanks for the comment, Janet!

Some of these actually may end up finished before I even leave ;) I've learned on vacation in the past that I never bring quite enough, and I'm hoping to solve that with an e-reader!

I love magazines for the airport.. it just feels like a tradition to load up on new mags while flying :) but I'm trying to save that money by reading books I already have instead! What else am I going to do on an 11 hour flight besides sleep? haha!

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