Does this ever happen to you?

Sometimes, weird things happen to me.

Probably the worst is when I'm walking down the stars from the 3rd floor of my university library... when suddenly I forget how to walk. It's like I start thinking about how one walks up and down stairs, so I freeze and forget what to do next.

Weird, right?

I read a lot of books, and something I've been noticing is that once in a while it takes a while for me to really sink in what I just read. I'll finish a book and think it was okay (or amazing) and then out of the blue, a couple weeks later I'll be thinking to myself,

"Why did you review it like that? Didn't you realize (this) was better, but (that) wasn't quite as good?" So I go back to my review and edit it appropriately and then I feel satisfied.

I'm starting to wonder if it's my approach to how I review books. I tend to review them right after I finish the book, while it's still fresh in my mind. But maybe I need to slow it down, and give myself time to absorb it.

For example, after reading Delirium, I was so sad and crying that I really wasn't in any shape to write a review that wasn't covered in tear puddles.

Am I the only one that this happens to? Or can you all tell immediately how much you loved a book after reading it and I'm the weird one here (this would be nothing new to me)?

This just happened to me with two books today: Divergent (by Veronica Roth.. you know, the IT book of the moment) and Crossroads (by Mary Ting). Both were better than I initially gave them credit for.


flashlight_reader said...

Sometimes I write my reviews right after I finish the book, and I say that the book was great. Then, after a day or two, I'll think about the book and realize it wasn't all that.

BTW, you won the Freedom Hop contest on my blog. Congratulations. Looks like you'll get some new books to review. =)

Anonymous said...

This happens to me in movies and books all the time. I think I get caught up in my emotions about something and I don't really "think" about it. After I go back and think then I may not like them as much as I thought.

Brenna said...

It works both ways for me too. Sometimes I think they're better, and sometimes worse.

It seems to help if I wait a bit before reviewing :)

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