Giveaway: April Announcements

Good morning guys!

So here's the thing: school has been crazy busy, mostly because this is my LAST (!!!) semester of undergrad and I'm graduating in June (thank goodness).

I'm well aware that I've been SLACKING so much with being really up to date on here, but seeing as I'm all done in 16 days (oh yes, the countdown is ON) I wanted to update you quickly with a few updates.

First of all, Kindred Reads will be coming back in just a few weeks! I've been organizing it, and prepping the plans for posts so that it will become a special weekly feature on here again :) I'm really looking forward to it, and I was so excited to hear how many of you were interested in reading it again in my survey from February!

Secondly, I've been terrible at keeping up to date with comments recently. But I know that so many of you have still been kind enough to continue commenting even if I haven't been as active as I'd like. So as a thank you for that, for the month of April I'm going to be hosting a special giveaway.

As a special thank you gift, two of you are going to win a book prize at the end of the month!

THE PRIZE: the winner's choice of either a book from The Book Depository OR an audiobook from Audible! Prizes must be $15 or less. (But there are sooo many options that are priced under that!

THE RULES: all you need to do is comment. That's it. Every time you comment on either a REVIEW or GUEST POST with something to say and leave me a way to get a hold of you (e-mail, Twitter, blog address, I don't care!) you'll be entered. Only one entry per post. Theoretically, you could have like 20 entries in this thing.

Also, only comments from new posts which were posted during the month of April count. Comments on old posts won't count for the giveaway (but I will love you and read them if you do <3)

Standard giveaway rules also apply (you can find them in my tab menu above).
Oh, and this is open internationally since The Book Depository ships just about everywhere and Audible is a audiobook download.

At the end of April, I'll tally them all up and see who the lucky winners are.


miki said...

i understand that you have to concentrate on your studies don't worry we will still be there and thanks you a lot for this giveaway

all the best

Bekka said...

16 days!! How exciting! Congrats :)

Jess Ramos said...

I totally understand with school. My mini semester just started 2weeks ago and its already killing me. 6 weeks left for me lol.

Twitter. Jramos1289

SacredmOOn said...

Congrats on finishing your studying!
DeAnna sacredmoon1(at)gmail(dot)com

Dea S. said...

Wow, congrats! I just finished my first year in college. Though it's fun, I can't wait to graduate too!

Teen Readers' Diary
@ellevaed on Twitter

Sophia Rose said...

Way to go! Almost there! :D

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Christina Kit. said...

YAY for being so close to graduating! That is awesome and I'm sure you can't wait to actually march to get your diploma:)

Good luck on all your finals and projects, and don't worry about the blog:) We all totally understand.

Plus you've been posting lots of reviews (I got lots of books you recommended:)

I'm doing a semester abroad at the moment, and my room-mate Gisella Fiorelli recommended your blog to me and now I'm totally hooked!

I really love the way you structure your reviews, and I love how you named the blog after Esther!

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

ccfioriole at gmail dot com

Jetches said...

Sounds like a fantastic giveaway! I'm excited. jesetches23@hotmail.com

Angkarina said...

Awesome, congrats! School is killing me, can't wait to graduate too >_< + summer vacantion! With lots of new book releases!

Thank you for this giveaway & good luck with your studies!

angkarina_angkasuwan at hotmail dot com

marybelle said...

Life gets busy & in the way sometimes.


marybelle said...

Life gets busy & in the way sometimes.


Clarissa (Bookadicea) said...

Congrats! I just finished my first year on college as an Engineering Student and I'm having my summer vacation. I still have more years to go before I finish my studies but you're an inspiration to students like me because you'll be now graduating! :)
Thanks for the giveaway too!

franchie15 said...

Hi Brenna! Congratulations for your achievement! I'll pray for your future career. :) I still have a few years to go because I'm shifting courses! Such a waste of time. But I don't want to continue with something I'm not happy about. :) So I hope you're happy all the way! Congratulations again! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway and good luck on your studies!

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