Waiting on Wednesday {16}

Jill @ Breaking the Spine hosts this weekly meme where we can share a book that we are so excited for and are anxiously awaiting their upcoming release!

This week my WoW pick is...

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa

To be released: April 24, 2012

There's no official cover for this one yet, but I think Harlequin Teen did a fantastic job with this creepy placeholder, don't you? If this is a sample of what's to come, then this is VERY promising, in my opinion :)

Okay, so this past summer I ended up reading through the entire Iron Fey series on my Kindle in the span of about a week. And I completely, absolutely fell in love with them and Julie Kagawa's writing! And seeing as I loved them so much, I finally collected all of the books in paperback for my collection on my book shelf as well :)

AND THEN I hear that Julie has a new series coming out: a post-apocolyptic vampire series.

Um, I'm not sure about you, but this sounds pretty awesome to me. I remember seeing a really terrible movie of this a while ago (and I can't remember the title of it for the life of me), and I wanted to love it because the story was so cool but the execution was just awful.

Now, with this book? I'm not really worried. I've read Julie's other book, and I know she can write well. So I'm confident that she can take this exciting, thriller-esque storyline and make it into one extraordinary series. This is easily one of my most highly anticipated books of 2012!

Goodreads Synopsis:
In the dark days since the insidious Red Lung virus decimated the human population, vampires have risen to rule the crumbling cities and suburbs. Uncontested Princes hold sway over diminished ranks of humans: their "pets." In exchange for their labor, loyalty and of course, their blood, these pets are registered, given food and shelter, permitted to survive.

Unregistered humans cling to fringes, scavenging for survival. Allison Sekemoto and her fellow Unregistereds are hunted, not only by vampires, but by rabids, the unholy result of Red Lung-infected vampires feeding on unwary humans. One night, Allie is attacked by a pack of rabids, saved by an unlikely hero...and turned vampire.

Uncomfortable in her undead skin, Allie falls in with a ragtag crew of humans seeking a cure, or cures: for Rabidism and for Vampirism. She's passing for human...for now. But the hunger is growing and will not be denied. Not for friendship—not even for love.

Will you be reading Julie Kagawa's new series when it comes out? What book are you waiting on today? Feel free to leave a link to your WoW post in the comments so I can stop by :)


Kathy said...

Super excited for this one as well! I can't wait. I love Julie's writing too.

KTJ said...

ooh This sounds interesting! I've only read the first in the Iron Fey series, but I'll definitely have to investigate into this a bit more!

Nice Pick!
My WoW: http://www.nomaliciousreads.com

Liza said...

I love Julie's Iron Fey series. I will read anything she writes. Anything! Great pick!

Amy said...

I can't wait for this book to come out. I loved the Iron Fey series and I am sure that this series will be awesome too. Great choice. Here's mine http://booklovingme.blogspot.com/2011/11/waiting-on-wednesday-6-www-wednesday-2.html

geekgirl said...

Oh yes... I'm absolutely DYING for this one. I wish it had a cover, so I could pine for it properly.

Great pick!

"My WoW"

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Hope you enjoy this one! Thanks for sharing....

Here's MY WOW POST and

Carina said...

I loved Julie's writing in The Iron Fey series sooo much that I'll definitely pick up a copy of this. :) Great pick!

Fictional Distraction

Kelly said...

I almost made this my WoW post for this week!! I decided to wait for the official cover :) Great pick!

Waiting on Wednesday @ Radiant Shadows

Gwenny said...

Wow this sounds pretty amazing. I am adding this to my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, great pick!

Here's my WoW. Happy Reading! Jen

Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

I didn't know that Julie Kagawa was coming out with a new series. This is great news!


thepamjelly said...

Ohh sounds interesting! I haven't read the Iron Fey series yet (I know, what a loser. LOL) but I really want to. :) Great pick!

Pam | jellylovesbooks

BookJunkie said...

I read the Iron Fey books all back to back too, so I'm looking forward to anything coming out by Julie Kagawa! And this one comes out just three days after my birthday! Can't wait! Great WOW!
Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

Burgandy Ice said...

You're enthusiasm for the Iron Fey series is contagious!! They're on my TBR wishlist, but maybe I better bump 'em up?!

This book looks really dark and creepy... fun!!

My Wow is at www.burgandyice.blogspot.com

Andrea @ Cozy Up said...

I will definitely be reading this! I've heard great things about the Iron Fey series, so I don't expect anything less from this one! Thanks for bringing this to my attention Brenna!

My WoW

Amanda @Stuck In YA Books said...

Great pick! it looks really good


Tribute Books Mama said...

I hope you enjoy it!


BookLuvr Mindy said...

OhMyGosh! I loved Iron Fey and she's an amazing writer so I'm sure that this one will be good! Great pick!

Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

Giselle said...

This one has caught my eye lately as well! I have to get to reading Iron Fey though! Great pick, Brenna!

Xpresso Reads

kimba88 said...

This looks interesting..will keep my eye out for it. new follower, found ya on twitter. Stop by my book review blog:

Unabridged Bookshelf said...

I haven't heard about this series, but I am currently reading the Iron Fey series and love it! This sounds so good!! I am putting it on my wishlist now! Thanks for sharing such an awesome pick

My Waiting on Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Sadly I haven't read The Iron Fey series, but my blog partner has and she loved them! I seriously need to get my hands on these! Julie's next book sounds fantastic too!


A Beautiful Madness said...

I'm so excited for this series! I simply loved the Iron Fey series and I can't wait to read more from Julie Kagawa! Great pick!

Have you read the excerpt included in The Iron Knight?

A Beautiful Madness

Lindsay said...

I haven't read the Iron Fey series yet, but this series does sound interesting. Maybe it'll make people less afraid of reading about vampires. ;)

Laura (All of Everything) said...

Ooh yeah, this was my pick a couple weeks ago, sounds awesome! Can't wait for the cover reveal, I'm sure it'll be stunning!

Janiera said...

a post apocalyptic vampire series should be fun and very shocking!

Christa @ Hooked on Books said...

I am so excited for this one as well! I love Julie Kagawa's books so much!

Sophia Rose said...

Wow! This does sound like a good series.

Molly Gibson-Mee said...

Wow, this sounds so intense! And until you said it, I thought that was the real cover! Brilliant stand-in!

Check out my WoW post here

Old follower! Thanks for the chance to take part in the December Event!

Reading is my cup of tea

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