Giveaway Winners and Announcements!

Two giveaways finished up on here over the weekend, and there are three winners to announce!

The winner of the giveaway for Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma is Stepanien from Once Upon a Chapter! This prize has been confirmed.

The winners of the Summer Giveaway Hop for a summer release from the Book Depository are Spav and Gloria S.
These winners have both been confirmed and selected Wildefire and Forever, respectively. I hope you enjoy your books and congratulations!

This giveaway was huge, and I am so happy to see how many of you entered! 277 people entered and I wish I could give you all prizes... but I can only pick two! But I can promise you that there will be many more giveaways in the future- there's even a new one now for a copy of Crossroads by Mary Ting!

You can also see that we have a new design for our blog here! It looks fantastic, thanks to Erin from eedee Design Studios.

With this, there are some new features including a book Review archive section where my reviews are listed alphabetically by book title and by author.

There is also a Calendar page where I can list big upcoming events, such as giveaways and special posts.

The last thing I want to point out is my new Policy page as well- if you have any questions regarding general contest rules or my review policy, please look there first!

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Chrystal said...

I love your new look! :)

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