2011 Virtual Advent Tour

Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of year, and I truly believe that it is such a special time of year. Which is why I jumped at the chance to take part in this year's Virtual Advent Tour organized by Marge and Kalaina!

I love everything about Christmas:

The music, which I start listening to in the summer time because it makes me so happy.
The food, mmm how can you say no to this? There are so many special treats, no matter what your traditions are! My family actually doesn't have turkey, we have ham and birthday cake :)
The decorations- tell me you don't love the decorations. I don't see how anyone could. Especially little villages all snowy and lit up for the season!
The shopping, I for one just love gift giving. I adore picking out gifts to make people smile and sho wthem how much I care. I even like the crowds in malls, and wandering down the street filled with cute boutiques.
The time off, because everyone needs a vacation once in a while! And we get to spend it with people we love and care about and just enjoy that time together.

There is so much to be grateful for, and we are so, so very fortunate for all of these things which we can enjoy.

I figure my obsession love must stem from the fact that I'm a Christmas baby- I'm one of those lucky ones born on Christmas day! ;)

And the first thing people normally tell me when they hear that is how awful it must be, or whether I miss out on presents. To answer that quickly: no, I don't. I'm fortunate because my family created very special traditions to include me, and I thought it might be neat to share these with you- you know, so you can have an idea of what it's like to be born on the best day of the year.

We divide the day in two, and celebrate Christmas in the morning and my birthday in the afternoon. There are VERY strict rules about this haha. Absolutely no birthday presents until after our big dinner (at lunch time) and we have birthday cake for dessert. THEN it's present time. But more importantly, I get to spend my birthday with those I love the most. My family is just so important to me, because even though we aren't your typical nuclear kind, we've come together out of love. NOTHING beats that, in my mind!

Different wrapping paper is even used- birthday paper for birthday gifts, Christmas paper for Christmas gifts. And two separate cards- one for Christmas, one for birthday. See? I'm not missing out on anything.

But more than anything, this time of year has always felt like a very special time filled with hope. I suppose a lot of this must stem from the fact that I'm Christian (and was raised Christian as well), so some of it MUST come from the Nativity story but it feels like a time for optimism and new beginnings and celebrating any good thing you can.

And I know it isn't always easy for people. It can be such a difficult time some years too. But I hope you find that silver lining in whatever it is, and know that you aren't alone. My grandma (who adopted me) will be in the hospital this Christmas because she'll be getting her second hip replacement. Disappointing, but what could be better for a Christmas gift than a new hip?! :)

So whatever it is you celebrate, I wish you the best! Filled with the love of family and friends, and optimism for all the new and exciting things to come <3

Have a very merry Christmas!

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sprite said...

It sounds like your family has worked hard to make sure you feel your day is special and about you, which I think must be all that any of us can hope for in a birthday.

And who wouldn't love birthday cake on Christmas?!

Happy birthday, and best wishes to your grandmother on her surgery!

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