Is Justice Worth It?

A while ago, I mentioned that this year I'm including a new feature on the blog. I talked about human trafficking, and I talked about the great work The Exodus Road is doing to fight it as much as they can. And importantly, how I'm going to be blogging for them to help spread awareness.

I love this video they shared, where they ask the question if doing something (ANYTHING) is worth it?

I get it. Sometimes it all feels like too much. But I firmly believe, anything is worth it. It must be. We just can't afford to look away.

Take two minutes and check out the video. I'd love to hear your thoughts, because it isn't easy.

Is Justice Worth It? feat. Micah Bournes from World Relief on Vimeo.

Friends, this is why I believe in this. Sex trafficking occurs all over the world - there is so much information and opportunities out there available for you. Please, please start to look into it. Whether it's across the world or your very own country - we are all people. We belong to each other. And so we look out for one another.

If you're interested in learning more about what I'm involved out, stop by The Exodus Road. They have tons of information and answers to your questions!


Molli Moran said...

I think it's wonderful you're doing what you can, Brenna! So many ARE content to do nothing, or just worry about themselves. You're awesome!

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littlebookstar said...

This is awesome. Our school is spreading awareness such as human trafficking as well because not many people know that it's happening right now in so many different parts of the world. We're actually doing fundraising and doing bake sales & alerting people about this cause. Glad that you're having this kind of discussions Esther! You should do a topic about FGM & Sterilization.

Little Book Star

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