Razorbill Presents: Be My Book Boyfriend

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

I hope you're all enjoying delicious chocolate and a good book or fun date ;)

The head blogger from the new Razorbill Canada site, Jackie from Hardcover Obsession, has organized a fantastic event for all of us who love YA books... and the swoon-worthy guys in them!

There are about 12 of us who each decided to choose a boy (believe me- that was the hard part. How are we just supposed to choose one?!) that would be the topic of our book boyfriend post for today! So make sure that you stop by and visit the rest of the posts because let's be honest, the best thing about book boyfriends is that we don't have to choose!

And I decided to select a new guy on the YA scene who's been leaving girls swooning in his presence ever since ARCs went out!

It's my pleasure to (re?) introduce you readers to the delectable Prince Kai from Marissa Meyer's Cinder (Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles)!

Prince Kaito of the Eastern Commonwealth
Born April 7, 108 T.E.

Basic Stats:
Prince Kai is described as having "copper brown eyes" which I LOVE because brown eyes are seriously underrepresened in YA.
Black hair that hung past his ears (I like that look- boys that just about need a haircut!)
Tall - this is such a must for me. I know, I'm being picky and swoon-worthy guys can be short (See: Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins) BUT I really like it when a guy is tall. And I'd guess that he's about a head taller than Cinder, since she mentions him bending down to her eye level when they first meet.
I'm not sure if I'm poing out the obvious here, but he's Asian (Eastern Commonwealth) which I think is pretty cool since we don't get too much racial diversity in YA either!

My Perfect Date with Kai: 
I would absolutely love to go to the Annual Peace Festival with Prince Kai; why? Because it's one of his favourite events, and it holds such fond memories for him from when he was a child with his parents. The fact that it means so much to him, and represents so much of the Eastern Commonwealth culture would be just incredible.

But if you guys don't believe me that Kai is pretty much amazing yet... well, I'll just show you and let him speak for himself.

In this interview from the Cinder blog tour, Marissa shared this image of an anonymous guy as the original inspiration for Prince Kai. Oh, I see it. I TOTALLY see it.

So if this is Kai here, this is his unimpressed face. Especially when it comes to Queen Levana.

"Right," said Kai, "that'll be no problem in a city of two and a half million people. Let me just go dig out my special Lunar detector, and I'll get right on that."

I love a guy with some sarcastic wit and who isn't afraid to stand up to scary, super evil queens. +1 for Kai!

Oh wait, you wanted romance? Fine. He can do that too!

"Cinder... 200,000 single girls," he said. "Why not you?"

It's also been suggested that Harry Shum Jr. would make a fabulous Prince Kai.
Oh.. hello there, shirtless Prince Kai <3

And humour! Gotta love a guy with a sense of that.

"Now, I don't want to tell you how to run your business or anything," he said, "but have you considered actually charging people for your services?"

"Bodyguards? Who would want to harm a charming guy like me?"

Prince Charming errr... I mean Prince Kai

"Believe it or not, I seem to be having technical difficulties again." He unhooked the portscreen from his belt and peered down. "You see, I figured it's probably too much to hope that New Beijing's most renowed mechanic is having trouble with her port, so I figured there must be something wrong with mine."

ALTHOUGH, you know who else I could picture as Kai? Patrick Chan (Canadian figure skater)

And if you want more delicious Kai-ness, watch the book trailer for some more!


Angel (Mermaid Vision Books) said...

OH. MY. GOSH. I can TOTALLY see Patrick Chan as Kai! This post is amazing, Brenna!

Suey said...

They all look pretty perfect to me! Though I do agree, Patrick Chan totally has it. :)

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