My Treasure Boxes

These are my most precious treasure boxes. They are bursting open with thousands of golden words, and they're gone far too quickly.
But hopefully, some parts of them are lasting.

I have 3 books on the go right now. I can't help but read; I inhale books too easily, and they captivate me.

I have always been a slacker when it comes to devotionals. I've barely completed any of the (numerous) ones I've bought. But this time, I'm determined. I need a change, I crave a change. Change is coming my way.
This is one of the "it" Christian books out right now. I have a good friend who has been sharing her list on Facebook for a while now, and she's shared this book with many others in turn. When I saw it was only $5 on my Kindle, I couldn't resist.

Ann Voskamp is a beautiful writer. Every paragraph reads like prose with stunning imagery. And in this book she weaves the story of how she was dared to list one thousand gifts God has blessed her with, and she has now inspired so many people to do the exact same thing.

Devotions for Dating Couples
J and I just started going through this book this week. I'd been looking for something we could do together for a while now and this one caught my eye for several reasons.

Each day is a short little devotional, only a couple pages long. This is perfect for the two of us because I'm always reading multiple books at a time, and he isn't a big fan of reading. This way neither of us feels overwhelmed by it.

My second reason is that Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams base this book on building a stronger relationship for each individual with God first and foremost. As well, it's meant for serious couples who are looking towards marriage in the future.

Most of the reviews I read suggested this book as a good way for a couple to build a spiritual foundation together. It's one of the few out there that is written for dating couples, rather than engaged or married couples.

Lastly, it easily fits into our schedules. Monday through Friday is meant to be done on your own, while Saturday has time to discuss what you've studied throughout the week. There is no reading for Sunday, as the authors encourage couples to go to church together then. This is great for us, since we're fairly long distance right now.

Espresso with Esther
Finally, I'm going through my own study on the book of Esther. Esther has always been one of my favourite biblical characters, and her story intrigues me. This is probably obvious from the way this blog has been themed around the topics brought up in this book.

Sandra Glahn has a collection of Bible study books called the Coffee Cup Series. They're meant to be smaller books that you can fit in easily to your schedule, either as an individual or in a group. Its a small, spiral-bound book with a nice cover so it can easily fit into your bag to be carried around. As well, she includes Scripture passages in the book itself.

I'm hoping to post some reviews of these books once I'm actually finished with them.

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